The 69th NYSV Historical Association
Friends and Comrades:
On behalf of the 69th NYSV Historical Association, Inc., I invite you and your organization to join Company “A”, 69th Regiment New York State Volunteers in our 25th annual portrayal of General Thomas Francis Meagher’s Irish Brigade in the 253rd annual New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade on Monday, March 17, 2014.
As in years past, we will have the use of the 69th Regiment Armory as our base of operations for the parade. The commander of the active battalion of the 69th, Major Sean Michael Flynn, has graciously granted permission to do so, as in years past. Major Flynn was a company commander during the Regiment’s deployment to Iraq and is the author or “The Fighting 69th: One Remarkable National Guard Unit’s Journey from Ground Zero to Baghdad.” It’s a required read for anyone with an interest in the legendary 69th! Those of us who will have the privilege of being in the Armory and marching in the parade on St. Patrick's Day are reminded that we will be portraying Meagher’s Irish Brigade in the presence of those who recently served in combat as well as veterans whose service dates as far back as World War II. Accordingly, the highest standards of conduct are required from each of our participants in order to properly honor those whom we portray and to demonstrate our respect and appreciation to their successors. As in previous years, this includes not only a participant’s appearance, but also his or her conduct in the Armory and elsewhere throughout our time there. It is required that each participating living historian shall conduct himself or herself with the dignity and solemnity befitting the occasion.
The 69th Regiment Armory is located 68 Lexington Avenue (between 25th and 26th Streets) in Manhattan. We hope to use the “Garryowen Club” for our traditional reception the evening before the parade as in years past. We will again be afforded space for all participants who desire to stay overnight to bivouac in the Armory on Saturday night, 16 March, the evening before the parade. While the Armory is warm and sheltered, remember it is a military facility, not a hotel. Each participant must provide his or her own bedding, toiletries, etc. Cots may or may not be provided at the Armory. Male and female latrines and shower facilities are available. There is no parking in the Armory itself, but there is parking on the streets and there are several parking lots in the vicinity.
Our placement in the line of march with the County Waterford Association of New York has not yet been published for this year. Normally, the line of march has us stepping out onto Fifth Avenue at about 2:10 p.m. although the actual step-off time is always later. If that holds true again, we will form our battalion just outside of the Armory by 1 p.m. on parade day. We will then proceed to the 28th Street Station of the Lexington Avenue Subway and traveled via subway to Grand Central Station. From there we’ll march to our designated assembly area, usually on East 47th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. Once the time is posted for filing out onto the avenue, we will be able to establish the time at which we will form the battalion at the Armory. As in years past, participants can expect to be on their feet for four to five hours and march a total of about three miles during the day. At the end of the parade we will return to the Armory by subway and the Garryowen Club should be open for participants and guests alike.
The command and uniformed staff of our battalion will be provided by members of the 69th NYSV Historical Association. Any other battalion field or staff positions will be permitted only upon approval of the 69th NYSV. No one shall hold any rank above captain without the express approval of the 69th NYSV. The makeup of each company, typically 20 to 25 men each, will depend on the numbers mustered by each unit; therefore we are asking that everyone have their registrations in by March 7th so we can form equal size companies ahead of time. Because this year's parade falls on a Monday, we expect to field 2 or 3 companies plus field music. Smaller units joined together in the same company will have to work out their commissioned officer and NCO assignments. All officer and non-commissioned officer impressions are subject to approval by the 69th NYSV Historical Association. The uniform of the day will be specified in detail in the next update, but all enlisted personnel should wear sack coats (4 button fatigue blouse) and forage caps. Bedrolls and knapsacks shall not be worn. If the weather warrants it, greatcoats will be required, so please bring them.
Citizens in 19th century attire are welcome to march with us and non-period civilians are also welcome to march behind the military component.
I would ask that all unit commanders or liaisons confirm with me at your earliest convenience the number of civilian and military marchers you plan on bringing. Also, please confirm how many expect to sleep in the Armory on 16 March so we can do our best to accommodate everyone.
There will not be any registration fee for the parade this year. Please see the additional attachments which include the Registration Form. I would ask that each unit send in a single Registration Form to me at your earliest convenience. You may send it to me via email at or by regular mail, addressed to Andrew Megill, 608 Oak Terrace, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742.
Event Information

February 19, 2014 Information Letter in MS Word and PDF formats

Unit Registration Form in MS Word and PDF formats

Event Standards and Rules in MS Word and PDF formats
I will send out the next update with more specifics towards the end of the month. The last update with our placement in the line of march and any other final arrangements or changes will be sent out in early March. In the meantime, please feel free to write (regular or e-mail) or call me with any questions you have. Please do not call after 11:00 o’clock in the evening. I look forward to seeing you all on St. Patrick’s Day.
Your obedient servant,
Andrew M. Megill
NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade Liaison
69th NYSV Historical Association, Inc.